Her is a response to my LuLaRoe post!! So Excited for Saturday!!! 

Susan, I did not want to hit Reply All but I can attest to the fabulousness of LuLaRoe in person. I am 63 and wouldn’t have been caught DEAD in leggings until my daughter was a LuLaRoe rep for awhile. I buy leggings, long tunic tops, long tee tops, you name it because they are not only comfortable but hide a multitude of sins. I will most definitely try to make it this Saturday – you can never get enough LuLaRoe! 

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2 Responses to TESTAMENT!!

  1. Sharon Cochran says:

    Did u say Saturday is only day she will be there?

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    • massaveknit says:

      Yes. Just 3-5 pm. They normally do it online but she is going to go ahead and come into the shop but she can only do it for two hours. If you want I can probably take pictures and send them to you if you just dial my phone 317-332-7202 probably at about 230 or 245 I should be able take some pictures

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